Hazel House Bed and Breakfast


We have endeavoured to consider the environmental effect of every aspect of our business. Hazel House continues to look for clean, green practices and is proud of the sustainable business decisions and actions to date.

Some of the steps taken to lessen the effect on the environment:

  • Using low-energy lighting
  • Installing low flush dual toilet options
  • Using the clothes line when weather permits
  • Ceiling and under-floor insulation
  • Turning off appliances when not in use
  • Vinyl floors steam cleaned, a thorough clean without chemicals
  • Energy rating considered in purchases
  • Recyling paper, card, plastics, glass and tin. Guests support this.
  • Organic and eco friendly products used for cleaning, and guests' amenities.
  • Dispensers used to reduce unnecessary packaging
  • Gardens mulched to retain moisture levels, saving use of water
  • Water filter purchased to reduce need to purchase plastic water bottles
  • Filtered water available for guests
  • Guests choice of re-using towels by replacing on towel rails
  • Using carbon neutral paper
  • Using re-filled ink cartridges
  • Cold water washing where appropriate
  • Curtains have thermal lining
  • Our eggs are free range and organic
  • Sharing sustainability initiatives with local schools
  • Supporting local school with native planting and gardening initiatives
"We have really enjoyed our stay at beautiful Hazel House – great hosts, breakfasts, bed and lovely bath! Thanks so much for your tips and suggestions – seeing the penguins swim through the surf on to Sandfly Beach made our trip to NZ complete."Kathy & Martin - UK Click here to read more guest comments
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